PvP und der legendäre Umhang

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PvP und der legendäre Umhang

Beitrag von Nocita » Do 19. Sep 2013, 11:25

Für alle die sich noch immer scheuen eine kleine Motivationshilfe, denn wie sich am letzten Sonntag gezeigt hat, wohl doch iregndwie nötig.
Ich weiß PvP bleibt PvP, aber es macht die Sache halt etwas weniger ekelig:

Patch 5.4 Resilience Changes
The increase in base Resilience in patch 5.4 is meant to counterbalance the fact that Resilience is no longer on gear (and thus does not increase as players gear up).

Prior to 5.3, players' survivability would naturally increase with gear. We didn't feel that that was creating an environment that would encourage undergeared players to continue playing, so in 5.3, we moved Resilience off of gear and increased base Resilience.

In Patch 5.4, we needed to do something similar. Since player power is still increasing as players collect more gear, we needed to once again increase base resilience to keep things from getting too out of hand. You'll still feel like your character is improving as you gear up, this just makes sure you don't improve to the point where you're able to kill someone before they have an opportunity to respond.
Quelle: www.mmo-champion.com
Damge is science , it's about numbers.
Healing is art, is's about feeling.
Tanking is the unification of art and science.


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